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Process Service for Lincoln County

Stanford, Kentucky

  • Lincoln County Judicial Center
  • 101 East Main Street
  • Stanford, Kentucky 40484

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Lincoln County which was originally Lincoln County, Virginia as established by the V.G.A in June 1780, and named in honor of Benjamin Lincoln who was a former general in the revolutionary War. It was one of three counties formed out of Virginia’s Kentucky County (the other two were Fayette and Jefferson), and is one of Kentucky’s nine original counties. The county’s original seat was at Harrodsburg however, in 1785, Lincoln County was partioned therefore Harrodsburg became the seat of what is now Mercer County. Soon after, Stanford became Lincoln County’s permanent seat. As we go towards the geological part of the state, it is worth noting that according to the last bereau report, the county has a total area of 337 sqaure miles and is home to just over 24,500 residents. Which according to the same bereau report, the county population count is at 24,644.


Map of Kentucky highlighting Lincoln County

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