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Legal Services

Courier Service

Courier Service is the transportation and general delivery of documents or goods to a residential or business address. Kentucky Process Service, Inc. has experienced employees who provide this service, also known as a “runner”, to get tangible items quickly to where they need to be delivered.

Filings and Court Document Retrieval

Courthouse Research

Clients have relied on Kentucky Process Service, Inc. for years to file and retrieve case documentation as we are proven to be accurate, timely, and familiar with the court divisions.

Court filings are the recording of legal documents at the District or Circuit Courthouse which includes many divisions of the court and the County Clerk’s office. This may be an initial case filing or subsequent documents after a case filing. At the time of a filing, the clerk will stamp the documents with a date of filing and retain the original documents for the case file and we provide clients with an exact copy of the stamped filing.

Statewide Courthouse Copy & Research

Document retrieval requires an experience researcher with extensive knowledge to accurately obtain case information and copies of court and clerk files as well as perform searches based on the criteria provided to us. Our researches are familiar with various legal documents, the order of the case files, and have researched large class action and high profile suits as large as 20 cases.

Kentucky Court of Appeals & Kentucky Supreme Court

We are experienced and have extensive knowledge of courthouse research throughout Kentucky, including Court of Appeals & the Supreme Court cases. Give us a call or request a quote to get started!

Statewide Process Service

Kentucky Process Service, Inc. has built a clientele of over 150 companies, attorneys, and individuals who consistently call on us to provide exceptional diligence and communication in serving their legal documents. We utilize professional software, are organized, and our service reports to you are extremely detailed as we go above and beyond to effect service.

Service of process is the procedure by which a party to a lawsuit gives an appropriate notice of legal action against another party so as to enable that person to respond to the proceeding before the court. Documents served may include but are not limited to a Summons for the defendant who is being sued to appear in court or a Subpoena for a witness who is a non-party to the legal action to appear in court or produce documentation that is needed by the court. Proper service varies depending upon the jurisdiction of the court and its rules. The most common are personal service to the individual, service to a family member or authorized employee at a business, posting on at entry door at an address, or by certified mail.