Skip Tracing

Background and Employment Screening

To perform background check services, The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires written consent by the applicant for Kentucky Process Service, Inc. to obtain reports. We are an approved company with a government agency to perform background checks within the state of Kentucky and this is the only way to ensure full disclosure and accuracy of charges although the applicant has a right to dispute the reported information.
We are an approved verifier with a national database to perform employment screenings which result in verification of employment and/or wage earnings. This is helpful in not only verifying previous employment experience but assistance with liens and judgments to creditors.

Skip Tracing and Asset Location

Kentucky Process Service, Inc. is tenacious in providing you with results with that hard to locate person, business, and certain assets. We have insider knowledge and access to some of the best databases and methods some of which are used by law enforcement.
Skip Tracing is the process of locating a person or asset to a specific location. Service of process, repossession, liens, and judgments are just some of the ways this service assists our clients.

Vital Records

Birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates are kept under governmental authority and Kentucky Process Services, Inc. will expedite the process to obtain these records for you in person.