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Adair County

Formed on December 11, 1801, a part of Green County was made into Adair County named after military veteran, former general, and former governor John Adair. Columbia was named the city within the following year. Located on the Western Appalachia, Adair County is made of more than 40% made of woodland and timber and is also home to Green River State Park. As of 2018, the county population was listed as Adair County having 19,215 residents which is a slight increase from the start of the decade.


Allen County

After this land was given away in 1815 by both Barren and Warren counties, the state of Kentucky named the land after former Kentucky Colonel John Allen. A lot of the history of this county was more than likely lost in the courthouse fire in 1902. The county size is 352 square miles with just over two percent of the county being made up of water. According to the 2018 census report, the county population is listed as 21,122 residents


Anderson County

Established in 1827, Anderson County was given by Franklin, Mercer, and Washington counties. Sitting on 204 square, it is home to 22,663 residents.


Ballard County

Formed from portions of both Hickman and McCracken counties, Ballard County was created. Formerly named Blandville (after the late Bland Ballard) and is now Wickliffe. Ballard County sits at 274 square miles and is home to 8,249 residents.


Barren County

After land was taken from both Green and Warren counties, Barren County was established in 1798. It’s the city (Glasgow) named after the city in Scotland. Glasgow is also known for hosting the annual Glasgow Highland Games. A county that is 500 square miles and is home to the Barren River Lake State Resort Park. It’s last known residential count was at 44,176 as of 2018.


Bath County

Established in by 1811 on land provided by Montgomery County, Bath County was named from natural springs which are rumored to have medical qualities in them. In 1864, the original courthouse was destroyed by Union troops in the American Civil War thus destroying a lot of records in the process. Sitting at 284 square miles, Bath County is home to 11,591 residents.


Bell County

Formed in 1867 from portions of Harlan and Knox counties, Bell County was named after Joshua Fry Bell. Built on the original Wilderness Road in 1775, Bell County’s original courthouse has since been destroyed on three different occasions. Two separate occasions in both 1914 and 1918 by fire and the final time by flood in 1977. Sitting at 361 square miles, Bell County is home to 26, 569 residents.


Boone County

Named after the infamous Daniel Boone, Boone County went through an episodic journey to get where it was to even become a county. Sitting at 256 square feet, Boone County is the fourth most populated in all of Kentucky at 133,581 residents.



Bourbon County

Established in 1785 from a portion of Fayette County, VA, Bourbon County was established due to the gratitude of Louis XVI of France during the American Revolutionary War. The original Bourbon County (Virginia) was one of the thirty-four counties of Kentuckys’ current 120 counties. Once Kentucky became its own state in 1792, the current Bourbon County then became one of the nine original counties of the state. The county sits at 292 squre miles and its name comes from the simple fact that it is the birthpalce of Bourbon Whiskey.