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Butler County

Butler County was formed on March 24, 1803, from portions of Hamilton coutny. It is named after former General Richard Butler. After the county was established, it was between 1803 and 1823 that townships of the county became officially recognized. Also according to history, large portions of the county were held by non residential owners, more famoulsy, 640 acres of land was owned by future president, William H Harrison. The total area of the county today is 470 sqaure miles with a population count of 383,134 residents.


Clermont County

Establshed in 1800 as part of the Virginia Mlitary District, Clermont is the states eighth oldest county and is the furthest county west in Appalachin territory of Ohio. It is also the eleventh oldest county of the former Northwest Territory. The county is named after the Clermont Province located in France with the county seat being Batavia. With a total area of 460 sqaure miles, there are 206,428 residents calling the county home.


Gallia County

Gallia County was formed on March 25, 1803, from portions of Adams and Washington counties. Gallia County had originally been settled by French immigrants, who named the county ā€œGallia,ā€ the Latin name for Gaul, which is corresponding to present day Belgium and the present day France. History states that in 1818, a group of immigrants from Wales settled in the county making the second most common language. The county has a total area of 471 square miles and a population count of 29,898 residents.


Hamilton County

Hamilton County was organized in 1790 by order of Arthur St. Clair, governor of the Northwest Territory, as the second county in the Northwest Territory. Cincinnati is the county seat. Residents named the county in honor of Alexander Hamilton, who was the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States and a founder of the Federalist Party. Hamilton County is infamously known as the “Queen City” or “Paris of America.” With a total area of 413 sqaure miles, it has a population count of a whopping 817,473 residents calling it home.


Lawrence County

The county was created in 1815 and later organized in 1817. It is named after James Lawrence, the naval officer who is famous for his dying battle cry “Do not give up the ship”. On December 20, 1816, parts of Gallia and Scioto counties were used to form the county and the county seat was originally named Burlington with it later being changed to Ironton. With a total area of 457 square miles, it has a population count of 62,450 residents.


Scioto County

The county was founded on March 24, 1803, from Adams County and is named after the Scioto River. Scioto is an Indian word referring to deer or deer-hunting. Located in the south central region of the state, the county has a total area of 616 sqaure miles with a population count of 75,314 residents.


Warren County

The county was created on May 1, 1803, from Hamilton County and is named for Joseph Warren. Warren was a hero of the Revolution who sent Paul Revere and William Dawes on their famous ride. Warren later died at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Warren county has a total area of 407 sqaure miles and also has a popluation count of 234,602 residents.